Based on a true story…

URGENT: If you’d like to help Kurds displaced by recent violence, please donate to Joint Help for Kurdistan, an excellent grassroots group providing medical and humanitarian services:

cropped-kindle-cover-2medals.jpegThe Kurdish Bike follows an American teacher’s adventures in northern Iraq, and chronicles her cultural challenges among village women who were brutalized by Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Rated five stars by both the San Francisco and Manhattan Book Reviews, and called a must-read for anyone interested in the Middle East, this provocative and heart-warming novel is a popular selection of book clubs around the country.

Gold Medal, Best Regional Fiction, Independent Publishers Book Contest

First Place, Best Book of the Year, North Street Book Awards

Bronze Medal, Best Cultural Fiction, Readers’ Favorites 2018

Featured on: Voice of America TV, NBC, ABC, Bosphorus Review of Books

Milestone:  Sales of The Kurdish Bike are nearing 25,000. For comparison, the average published book sells 3,000, and most self-published books sell only 250. Thanks to the loyal readers around the world who made this happen! Also, the book has been translated into Sorani Kurdish, Farsi, Arabic and Kurmanji Kurdish.

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